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'The gifts of nature and happiness are not as rare as the art of enjoying them.'
luc de clapiers vauvenargues

We believe that moments of indulgence should offer maximum freedom. You decide which vacation memories you want to collect. Because looking beyond the horizon is not allowed here – it’s encouraged! Reach for the stars tomorrow or prefer to wield the cooking spoon yourself. We love variety. 

That’s precisely why we want to give you the freedom to explore the many spots of indulgence in the surrounding area. Between simple alpine farms, cozy “stüvas” (traditional dining rooms), or top-notch restaurants. Or perhaps a cozy cooking evening in your apartment? 

for additional wishes for your time out, we are happy to turn your time out into a time of enjoyment.
if you would like to spend a cosy evening in your flat without cooking yourself, we will be happy to prepare and bring you something traditional from here. be it a barley soup in a pot, capuns from the oven or a freshly prepared seasonal soup.

The guest room is available for your short time away.

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