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gioda il mumaint – linger and enjoy. Surrender to the moment and relax consciously. A vacation for couples, individuals, or with friends. Your holiday home for individualists who determine their own happiness.

Our two vacation apartments for a maximum of two people each are located in the attic. Plenty of wood creates a cozy living atmosphere. Away from everyday life, here awaits true relaxation under the deep blue sky and unique light. In untouched nature, where you breathe in fresh mountain air and exhale all worries.


Sometimes, taking a break is more important than we realize. Let go and simply recharge. that’s your “aus.zeit


Experience moments of indulgence in our Swiss pine room or in the wine cellar.
– gioda il mumaint –


The hatch will open next time on the genuss.mobil

I want an email with the next dates.

you’ll find us here

genuss zeit gmbh
via sura 71
7530 zernez

fon +41 79 933 77 11 | mail |

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